Who are we? Music Ground Ent. is an entertainment company that helps establish new artist. What makes us so unique is we help find talent & help the artist find placements. It's simple the artist sends us their music for a small fee. We spin the artist music on our online radio. We allow our daily listeners to reach out to us. We have selected a group of qualified curators to critique the music  giving you an unbiased honest review and will leave you with genuine feedback. If the fans request your song and join music ground network we will continue to spin your music. After 30 days expire the artist can re-enter their song to get more spins. Whatever artist who gets the most positive feedback will get placements on several curators top playlist which can help the artist get a ton of exposure.


What is the main purpose?  Our purpose is to help artist network without having to leave their home  or office. The listeners can tune into discover new music. The artist can submit their song to over 500+ Popular Djs within our network. We want to play new artist music and listen to a jam that hits different. We are seeking serious artists who aren't just playing around. We want to see our artist rise!

Music Ground has a platform? Music Ground Digital Streaming Music Player allows listeners to play radioATL Live segments & also stream music from artist all around the world reaching out to over 25k listeners. Play different genres, listen to independent artists, beats, and more! You heard it 1st at  Music Ground Ent. Click Here to go to the app!

We help artist to develop and take their music career to the next level. You want to be that Superstar who has a song that will last? Let Music Ground showcase your talent. We can bring that event to life! We believe in making your dreams come true with a company that raises beyond the standard and drives results! We can get your music to the right listeners and also help you get discovered quickly and effectively. You came up with that great song and it hasn't been heard until we market it for you! We put your song on a digital stage with our radio station for 30 days, to market your songs reaching to over 5,000+ DJs, and also blast your music to over 50,000 authentic listeners. We are the new WAVE in the industry.

Music Ground Ent Promo team are proud and excited to hear your new Hit Record!

We also provide advertising services for your business needs!



Do you feel like you have  a Hit Song and are excited to drop your new single? We know how much goes into developing your song all the way from the beginning to the end. We know theirs more to the mix than just writing a song and getting it recorded so we get your songs prepped to share it with the world. Once your song has been professionally mixed and mastered we put your song to the test and share it with over thousands of listeners World Wide to help build your Buzz. We know talent can be easily overlooked and we also know how frustrating it is after you put blood, sweat, and tears into your music and to be told the mix doesn't sound professional. Well, we have teamed up with engineers who can help you get that radio ready mix down so that your music sounds good enough to play on streaming platforms, radio, clubs, and at events.

Music Ground Entertainment puts your music directly in the Spotlight

so you can finally get the attention that your music deserves! 



Need more views? We feature new artist to promote their albums or mixtape and videos

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Share your music online  by  uploading your music. Get your  songs played on Music Ground Radio Station

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Share your music online  by  uploading your music. Get your  songs played on Music Ground Radio Station