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At Music Ground Entertainment, we specialize in making sure that musicians are given the opportunity to showcase their talents. Whether it be through live music events or digital platforms, we provide a platform for artists to be discovered.

We understand the importance of getting your music heard, so we strive to create events that are not only entertaining but also help artists reach new audiences. Our team of professionals has a deep understanding of the music industry and are really passionate about helping musicians get the recognition their music deserves.

What do we do? Music Ground is an entertainment company designated to help establish new recording artists. What makes us so unique is that we help find solutions for musicians & we also help artists find placements. Simply the artist/s sends us their music, and we charge a small processing fee. We spin the artist's music on our online radio. We allow daily listeners and influencers to reach out and connect with us. We have partnered with a group of qualified curators who will select the right songs for each playlist.

Send your URL link so that we can play your song.  We can critique your music giving you an unbiased honest review and will also leave you with genuine feedback.

Our purpose is to help artists network more effectively. Artists can submit their songs to our curators and music groups. After the song has been selected and meets our requirements we then pass on the link to the DJs within our network to help them get discovered. We also promote musicians using social media influencers to gain live organic exposure.

How does the Digital Streaming platform work? Music Ground's Streaming Music Player lets listeners play live segments & stream their songs all around the world. We reach out to 30k+ monthly listeners. We host different genres, including Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, and Reggae, and will continue to expand. Tune in to discover new artists, lease beats, and watch videos

We help artists market their music professionally so we can take their careers to the next level. We can get your music played to the right listeners to help you get discovered effectively. We put your song on our streaming platform and share your songs with over 5k DJs worldwide.  We are the next digital WAVE of the music industry!


Let us help market your brand. We can present your music to a broader audience and promote your album/band.


Join our curators playlist and get bring more awareness to your songs.


Send us your music.


Get your music played on our online radio which airs every Friday from 8pm - 2am [limited to 20 artist]


Aspiring Artists/Songwriters/



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