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Kenneth Anthony Payton

Kenny was always pleasant to be around. I really enjoyed watching him grow from a baby to a man! Being around Kenny was amazing because he knew how to make everyone laugh and had a playful spirit. He would crack jokes, play games with his little brother, sing, and dance. KAP had a passion for creative arts and desired to be a rapper and public figure. 

I can remember going to the studio and seeing his eyes light up when he saw the recording booth. He would freestyle whenever he couldn't come up with a line. Kenny was also into playing sports and was very competitive. He had an entrepreneurial mindset and was inspired to be a content creator. He had a high interest in fashion and desired to be a music artist & mogul. Kenny will be remembered as a fearless man who thrived for prosperity.

His life can be celebrated through his many achievements. He was an independent man, a loving father, a caring peer, an over-protective brother, a talented musician, and a loyal friend.


Kenny a.k.a. KAP will forever remain in our memories. Rest in Peace, Kenneth A. Payton 


Uncle Marcellus


kap life

kap life

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