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We are the Music Ground Agency and Entertainment company that does it all! We are a One Stop Shop that caters to up and coming musicians. We started in 2013 when we had our first big Gig at Apace' Cafe located downtown Atlanta. 

When musicians decided to start showcasing their skills everyone who attended our events had entered the arena to perform not knowing that people would interact with them and request for more entertainment! We had several hot artist competing for a chance to win Prizes & whoever had that banger was crowned the champ. 


How we became established was when we decided to hold a competition for any artist that was able to get the audience roaring with excitement. Who would have known that one event could lead to becoming this generation's next urban American idol?

We decided to take it a step further by allowing new artist to step on stage and perform in front of a crowd of music lovers. 

Music Ground gained it's popularity by continuing this journey to discover new talent. Now Music Ground Entertainment has expanded allowing musicians from all over the world to hear a new sensation of captivating melodies & creative arts.

How did we come up with Music Ground? We focused on independent artist and combined underground musicians and blended it with several genres bringing a variety of unique songs. Why Music Ground is so different from other music companies is because we learned how to break independent artist records. We have developed a system that allows musicians to be heard by listeners who actually want to hear new music. Now that we have built Music Ground from the Ground Up it's time to Promote You Next! [Step 1: Place Order | Step 2: Submit Song/Video | Step 3: Let us Promote ]

Our platform has been designed to take your song and share it with the world. We know its very complicated to get in the music industry and not everyone wants a 360 deal. Thus Music Ground Entertainment allows musicians to share their music through Social Media Platforms & internet radio.

Music Ground Features: 

Listen to Live FM Radio at Your Computer, Mobile Devices, & Television. Listen Today. Find Your Favorite Stations, Songs, News, Events & More. All in One Free Access Free Radio 24/7. Listen to Live Radio. Find Favorite Songs with Search

Stream Radio From Browser to Search Engines with no complicated Registration Process. Just click on the Music Ground Logo and simply choose to navigate through the website. Watch Videos & Listen to new artist on our Radio Station. 

Types: AM Radio, FM Radio, Free Radio Player, Hip-Hop Radio, DJ Drops, Commercials, Radio, Pop Radio, Urban Radio.

FREE Music Live Streaming Listen 24/7 Free Online FM Radio & Internet Radio

Genres: R&B, Pop, Rock, Country, EDM, Rap, Alternative, Classical, Jazz, & Instrumentals



To provide great music for people to share and vibe to with our streaming services while helping independent artist get discovered and empowering musicians by promoting their songs.  We host events and allow artist to Showcase their talent at our live concerts. 

Get in the Spotlight and be the next artist to get discovered! Enter for a chance to be the next biggest star on Center Stage with Ground Breaking Singles to be released to the public. We have teamed up with a DJ Pool reaching out to over 50,000 listeners in less than 30 days. Imagine being able to have your song being played across the country and having a new fan base! Wouldn't that make sense instead of spending hundreds of dollars burning CDs? Face it! The days of Cassettes, & CDs are a thing of the past. We are in the new millennium, stop wasting money on prehistoric outdated methods. 


As an entrepreneur and innovator Music Ground was developed to be a music portal for independent artist. We built a system to help artist get new listeners. We are currently seeking producers to work with to promote beats

& showcase events. Due to the overwhelming growth in Atlanta, GA we created a platform that gives artist a chance to Shine & Grind. We promote your song and share your links: We connect your SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts so that our listeners can follow you after hearing your music.


After purchasing our service you must provide your stage name, song title, genre, & image/picture. We asked that your file be in Mp3/WAV format. Songs must not exceed 5 mins in length & must be original material. All sales are non-refundable. If you want to change your song please allow 24hrs before we update your song. All images must be 500 X 500 Jpeg



Please allow 5 to 7 business days to receive your final products to arrive. ***We do not ship Internationally!***

The price may be subject to change. There are no additional shipping & handling fees for this service. *For merchandise

Music Ground Return and Refund policy: We can exchange your product/s but unfortunately there are no refunds at this time. For additional questions please contact 


If you are interested in networking & are seeking an opportunity to get more traffic flowing to your music videos check out our promotion service. We are looking for producers who can make beats for new up and coming artist for genres: Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, EDM, Afro beats, and Alternative styles. Are you ready to get your music out order now for our first time special promotion [This is for first time users]

Music Ground Membership

Dj Performing Live Music

As a Music Ground Member you will get to play your music on the radio station as long as you are a member. 

You will also get a FREE

Radio Drop to promote

your single or to add your tag line for people to follow your IG, TW, or Social Media Page.

All Members are get discounts at our events!

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